Monday, April 2, 2007

Who Gets All These Newly Created Jobs?

Every time I turn around I hear about new jobs coming to Baltimore City. I think this is great, everybody needs money and jobs is how most people make money so therefore everybody needs a job. During the flock to the suburbs, many jobs were either decentralized or lost completely due to out sourcing and the invention of machines that do jobs once done by humans. This inevitably led to population loss and a rise in unemployment. New jobs would supposedly counter act this trend by giving jobs to these city residents who lost their jobs due to these outside forces. It seems like an easy fix right? Wrong The jobs that Baltimore and many other "rust belt cities" lost were low level, low wage industrial jobs. The new jobs that are being created aren't. They're higher skilled higher jobs with a higher level of training required. So the city does benefit by receiving new jobs and possibly new residents but the unemployment rate remains the same. The jobs that are needed in addition to the what is already being done is low level, low skill jobs. A large chunk of the city's population has no high school degree so their employment opportunities are limited. As I mentioned before that many of those jobs have now disappeared due to outside forces.
To Answer the Question I posed about who get these newly created jobs is the rich people with college degree. I will further discuss solutions to this in another post.

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