Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Different Side of West Baltimore

West Baltimore has gotten lots of bad press over the years so it's easy for one to forget about the many great neighborhoods West Baltimore has to offer. It's easy for one to get wrapped up in what goes on in Midtown Edmondson, Rosemont, Coppin Heights, Edmondosn Village, Poppleton, Harlem Park, Franklin Square, and South Hilton. One forgets about Hunting Ridge, Ten Hills, Westgate, West Hills, Irvington, and Beechfield.These neighborhoods are clean, safe, and relatively affordable when looking at the whole metropolitan area. So why aren't these neighborhoods a hot commodity? When one hears the words West and Baltimore put together they head for the hills.
These neighborhoods were built around the same time as the Edmondson Village area with the widening of the Gwynns Falls bridge on Edmondson Avenue in the 1910s. These neighborhoods grew up side by side originating from the selling off of estates.The Neighborhoods that grew from the selling of estates consist of mostly single family homes with row homes sprinkled through out. For the most part, urban decay has stopped before reaching the doorstep of this community. Today the neighborhood serves a diverse array of residents both economically and culturally. Hopefully this different side of West Baltimore will become the backbone of West Baltimore and become a catalyst for additional investment and development.

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Christine L - Woodside said...

It's almost a shame to share this amazingly cohesive neighborhood! But you can't keep a good 'hood down.