Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Public Health Option:Meet Baltimore

I'm sure this is the last thing you want to read about; Health Care Reform. Many proponents and critics of Obama's Health Care Reform haven't gone to a place where lack of Health Care has torn a Community apart. Luckily, the Washington Fat Cats don't have to travel far to find one; Baltimore City.

Beyond the Glitzy Inner Harbor lies the Baltimore nobody wants you to see, but I've taken you there through photographs and the written word and I'll do it again. I visited Obama's Health Care Reform Website and clicked on Maryland to see how it would benefit from reform. The results of Maryland's Health Care deficits are alarming and must be reversed. Many of these figures are higher in Baltimore because of the dense poverty.

13.8% of all Marylanders are uninsured 46% of all "Poor Adults" are uninsured. Maryland is home to two of the Countrie's richest County's and it comes up with Stats like this? A large percentage of the population hasn't had Collerectal Screenings, Mammograms, Papshmears, Bloodwork, or Annual Checkups. Since Baltimore contains many "Poor Adults" one can only imagine what its percentage of insured residents is.

Why don't we fix this? I though President Obama had been trying to pass a Health Care Bill that provides coverage for most if not all of the 48,00,000 uninsured Americans. Now I hear he's entertaining the idea of passing the Bill without a Public Option? Try telling that to the thousands of Baltimoreans who have never had a Primary Care Physician and are going without Prescriptions to pay their Gas & Electric Bill.

Many Americans complain about "sacrifices" they've made due to rising Health Care costs. They can't take a vacation, or send their kids to Private Schools, in Baltimore they should be so lucky. Baltimore should be the face of real Health Care Reform because it would benefit so much from it. Well, if there were a Public Option in the Bill.

Just the fact that Obama has said to be entertaining the idea of a Bill without a Public Health Option shows the influence large Insurance Companies have over Government. In Baltimore there is a different kind of influence over its residents; Drug Dealers.

Drug abuse and the violence that comes with it has over taken Baltimore. Baltimore needs the Public Health Option not only to provide Doctors and Routine Exams it's needed for Drug Rehab. There are lot of attics in the City who would love to kick the habit but don't have the resources to better themselves. Drug Dealers, just like any other Business will have to cut their staff due to a decline in sales. Their "staff" is usually Children who have found that drug dealing will give them a better life than School. With these kids out of work, they'd be forced to go back School.

Isn't it ironic that Baltimore has some of the best Hospitals and so few of its Citizens are able to use them? They are rushed there after being victims of Gang Violence brought about through illegal drugs. Speaking of Emergency Rooms, didn't former President George W. Bush say that the answer to the Health Care Crisis was to go to the Emergency Room? By law, they have to treat you. What the former President failed to mention that after treatment, you're responsible for paying your Hospital Bills if you have no insurance. From December 31, 2007 to January 3rd, 2008 I was hospitalized due to a life threatening infection in my left hand. Had I not had Insurance I would have been stuck paying almost $5,000 for my stay. Nice try Bush.

It's time to overhaul our Nation's Healthcare System and give Insurance to those who can't afford it through a public option and through that competition, Health Insurance Companies will have to lower premiums and co-pays. Just look at Baltimore and you will see how great the need is.


Anonymous said...

This analysis is right on. The
problem--and the logical solution--
couldn't be clearer.

What ever happened to compassion?
These opponents of a public option are all about "I've got mine, so
who cares if you've got yours."

Spence Lean said...

What ever happened to compassion?

That's a good question. I got mine from my Mother who literally weeps for those less fortunate. I got that compassion trait from her and although "I've got mine" so to speak, I'm very bothered that tens of millions don't have theirs.