Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Revitalizing East Baltimore between Downtown and Hopkins A Multi Part Series

I recently completed a series of posts regarding Old West Baltimore at the end of 2012. I think that was a successful series that provided a blueprint to make this struggling part of the City thrive once again. After writing some posts that had nothing to do with one another I began researching East Baltimore between Downtown and Hopkins. It used to be that every inch of space between Downtown and Hopkins was in a distressed state. Today, it's a patchwork of thriving Neighborhoods, distressed Neighborhoods and those in transition. Just like my series on Old West Baltimore, I want to write about Neighborhoods that comprise East Baltimore between Downtown and Hopkins which can provide a blueprint to make a seamless transition between Downtown and Hopkins. One of the posts I wrote after my Old West Baltimore Series was on Albemarle Square and Corned Beef Row. I would like to make that part of the series so I'm going to republish it below. Stay tuned for more.
Albemarle Square: Corned Beef and Seniors

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