Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Long Forgotten Orange Line

All Photos From Google Earth and doctored with "Paint"
Part two of my mass transit series. The orange line was doomed from the start but why? It, along with the purple line use existing tracks that they would share with MARC, Amtrak, and the CSX. Just add trains and additional stops and abracadabra there you have additional transit lines. The authors at the MTA had the same sentiment but nobody else did. The problem was that having localized trains stopping more often than their regional track mates than the regional trains would take longer to get to their destinations, sounds like a logical argument right? Well lets have our cake and eat it too. Lets put localized trains on these existing routes but when there's a stop that's just for one of the local lines how about we add tracks to allow for a "pulloff" to allow for riders to get on and off the train while the regional trains can whizz past them in the process.

Now for the orange line. It will use for the most part, the existing Camden MARC line, a little bit of CSX, and some tracking of its own. This is all west of Hamburg St. which will be the new end of the MARC Camden Line. East of Hamburg St. The orange line will be its own line that serves the South Baltimore Peninsula. Here's your orange line. Phase I involves getting trains on existing lines and building stops and "pulloffs."Phase II consists of the Orange Line east if the Camden Line going into South Baltimore and Locust Point.

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