Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Red Line: Think Phases

All Photos from Google Earth and doctored with "Paint"
This is the first in a series of posts involving rail transit. The task of building the red line would be so much less daunting if it were built in phases rather than all at once like the MTA and the city seem to be proposing. The biggest reason to build in phases would be not having to have all the money needed right away. My version of the red line would be built in three phases based on how controversial each phase is. The least controversial would come first and the final phase would be the most controversial, the least feasible, and most expensive.

Phase I from the West Baltimore MARC Station to the newly created East Baltimore MARC station in Orangeville. It will be light rail tunneled some of which already exist in Charles Center and running parallel with the Green Line. Another natural tunnel is the former I-170 which would be completely dismantled and all vehicular traffic will return to Franklin and Mulberry Sts. The TOD potential for Phase I is staggering. Click on images to see your new red line!
Phase II consists of two different projects built at the same time. The first one is an extension southbound from Orangeville through Bayview and down Dundalk Avenue through O'Donnell Heights and ending at Fort Holabird. The second project of the second phase consists of branching off at the Jonestown Station where the red line runs below Eastern Avenue through Inner Harbor East, Fels Point, Highlandtown, and Greektown ending at Bayview. The third and final phase of the red line is the most expensive, invasive, and controversial. If this ever gets built it will be way down the road it will also be tunneled light rail . It goes west of the original starting point at the West Baltimore MARC Station where it goes down Edmondson Avenue to Cooks Lane past I-70 and onto Security Boulevard where it will end at Security Square Mall.Well there's my red line I hope someone from the MTA is reading this and takes it seriously.

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