Friday, February 23, 2007

Good Job!

There have been several instances where either the city or the developer has just plain gotten it right. I'd like to take this opportunity to give them my personal hats off.
Photo From Developer Website
Gateway South-Carroll Camden Industrial Park has long been an eyesore for motorists o I-95 and or 295 alike, and much of the land is vacant and under utilized. Ray Lewis is planning to build an educational center on the property. Other uses include a new Grey Hound bus terminal and upscale office and retail space.
Photo From Google Earth
Library Square-Revitalization first was strictly south of Patterson Park in Canton. Then it crept on the eastern and western side of the park in Highlandtown and Upper Fels Point respectively. Now revitalization has made it to the northern border of the park. The area still is in pretty rough shape but development interest is at an all time high. Patterson Park Community has come up with a master plan to filter development and improve infrastructure on the public sector.
State Center-Location location location, I'm going to dedicate a whole post to this
Johns Hopkins Biotech Park-In East Baltimore's worst cluster of neighborhoods there will finally be signs of life in the coming years. Not only will there a biotech park that will bring jobs to the city but the plan calls for 1200-1500 new and/or rehabbed housing units and a new school. This shows a long term vested interest in the community that is sure to pay off.
Uplands-The awards the development plan has received speak for themselves.
Albemarle Square-Jonestown was in the right place at the right time to benefit from Inner Harbor East, Fels Point, and Canton. Little Italy won't have to wall itself off from this!
Westport,Cherry Hill, Brooklyn-What? Yes I'm using these troubled neighborhoods as an example of planning success stories. All three have development projects in various stages of the "pipeline" to transform their waterfronts from abandoned industrial land to glitzy upscale apartments, town homes, retail, office, and hotel. Once the new waterfront development is completed though the real challenge will be transforming the existing neighborhoods from their current state but private will prevail.

New Song Academy-What better way to show case long term commitment and investment in Sandtown Winchester by building a new school for minds young and old alike.

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