Sunday, February 18, 2007

Relocation: It's Impossible to Avoid

In order to revitalize neighborhoods that are struggling with poverty, crime, vacancies, and public health matters redevelopment is in order. In order to redevelop big swaths of neighborhood land either the city, state, feds, or a private developer have to own the property and the land that it sits on. In the case of rental properties it's much easier to achieve, the land lord evicts his or her tenants and sells complex of however many units to whoever is redeveloping the property.
In order to acquire property that is owner occupied it is much more difficult and delicate matter. Eminent Domain made it much easier for the city to acquire property from its owners. This controversial matter is now being questioned however. A few examples are the biotech parks in Poppleton and Middle East. These neighborhoods are in dire need for redevelopment, jobs, and additional residents to fill vacant units. Now say you're a resident in a desolate section of one of these neighborhoods. You're the only unit in a row of homes that's occupied, that's right the whole rest of the row is vacant.Not only do you occupy your home but you own it. Not only do you own your home but you've rehabbed it. I'm sure you're a little pissed that you're being forced out right? I would be too but you have to understand something. Your neighborhood is in such bad shape that nobody else wants to move in and fill these vacant homes let alone rehab them. The fact that you've stayed in your neighborhood and invested in your home is great but it's just a mere drop in the bucket compared to what's needed to make your neighborhood. One thing you do deserve is to return to your old or should i say new neighborhood right? Of course you do, you've really weathered the storm of urban decay, something not everyone would do regardless of their financial status. That brings up a good point, what if old/new neighborhood is too expensive for you to return to? Well you can return regardless of price as far as I'm concerned. Now you'll finally have neighbors!
If Eminent Domain isn't allowed to continue you the property owner is now at the mercy of the developer. You can hold out until you get a price for your home that you deem fair.

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