Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MTA, CSX and Amtrak:An Underground Partnership

Kresson Maps From Google Earth
There is another source that blights Charm City that's not vacant housing, vacant lots, boarded up retail, or industrial wastelands. This source of blight is provided by something, oddly enough functions relatively well. It's at or above grade train lines. The guilty parties, as the title suggests are the MTA, Amtrak, and CSX.

With the Burial of tracks in certain areas of the city where industry has subsided and/or the tracks are for commuter rails it will free up land for TOD. Here are some examples.
The Greater Rosemont Area.KressonOrangeville25th St.
Madison Square/Johns Hopkins Biotech Park and Berea.And Wabash Avenue/Mondawmin

This post is more pictoral than oral because the pictures tell the whole story.


Mike Rolling said...


I just got finished browsing some of your blog posts. It's refreshing to see that I'm not the only one who see's the potential in the great city of Baltimore!!

Pariah Star

Spence Lean said...

Thanks, you keep reading I'll keep writing. I got some new ideas in the works so stay tuned!