Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reinventing Edmondson Avenue: I've Got Pictures

Now I have mentioned in several posts my desire to redevelop Edmondson Avenue between Upands and the West Baltimore MARC Station. I think that doing so will add to the gentrification that will already take place from each project and Edmondson Avenue's strategic location will connect the two together. As I've mentioned in the past, I have wanted Apartments/Condos to flank the new Edmondson Avenue with a more pedestrian friendly environment especially with the Red Line coming. I spent thanksgiving in Winooski Falls, Vermont just outside Burlington and my Friend's Apartment Complex and the surrounding area is my vision for Edmondson Avenue come to life.
Here's an example of what I have had in mind for Edmondson Avenue for quite some time. This building has a parking garage with key card entry, secure common areas, and elevators with space for Retail. These buildings make a U shape which allow for open space in the back.Here is another style for Edmondson, this time only one part of the Building has a 5th floor which makes for a Pent House or a 4th floor with a loft over top of it. Amenities wise this building is the same as the pictured above. These will be standard for all Buildings on Edmondson Avenue.
For those not using the garage, they can use this locked common door for all Apartments will suffice. They will have to be let in by the Resident they're visiting.Here are some Retail Spaces that have been occupied, a Deli and a Bank perfect Neighorhood Retail for Locals and Commuters alike. Speaking of Commuters, they can park in a garage area that's set aside just them. By Commuters of I course mean Red Line Riders.Here's a look at a more Pedestrian friendly street that Edmondson Avenue should strive towards. Notice the wide sidewalks, the crosswalk chokers, and the abundance of adequate lighting. Edmondson Avenue will be narrowed to four lanes instead of its current six and will retain its new landscaped median. Here is a bus stop, that's as TOD as is gets for Vermont but take a closer look. This could be an Edmondson Avenue Bus Stop at least intermittently until the Red Line is built. It's under Video Surveillance (no more flashing blue lights) and is sheltered. Hopefully this will be replaced with a set of escalators leading to a Red Line Stop. Once the Red Line is built Bus Stops will be deleted within a quarter mile of a Rail Stop unless it's a small bus for people with disabilities.Here's a look at the rear of several Buildings. Notice that above the garage is a shared green space. I went to Vermont to spend Thanksgiving with my Buddies and I come back loaded with pictures and a new post to go with them. This is how I've wanted to reinvent Edmondson Avenue for some time and finally I found a great area to illustrate it with.

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